Connected company in times of crisis

During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, communication between collaborators within the same organization, has never been more vital and essential to itsdurability. Indeed, connecting people, data and content is often hampered by many factors. These constraints make it impossible to make quick decisions and destroy the efficiency of the company.

Quarantine imposes itself on us today and remote work is becoming the only way to ensure the continuity of company’s activities, emphasizing this way the importance of communication andaccess to information remotely. Working from home has already been tried and tested in normal conditions, and it had a similar or even better results than traditional on-site work, in terms of productivity and creativity.

Nevertheless, although there are still several digital tools that allow synergy between collaborators, they remain limited since they respond only to specific needs while taking away the convivial side that is largely expressed in one-on-one contact. Beyond his isolation, the employee is uprooted from his usual ecosystem and environment to the point of losing his social positioning.

It is with the corporate companies’ portals that this communication – company / employeereconnexion – takes its meaning!!

Indeed, these collaborative intranets with self-service management allow to associate roles for editors and information consumers within the same platform, while integrating a wide range of “smarts” gadgets facilitating horizontal and vertical exchangesbetween collaborators: agendas, publications, workflows, chats, newsletters, social network, ….

What if we added mobility?

The portal would pass to another dimension, a virtualized company that we take with us. Employees could be connected to their company’s departments (top management, human resources, etc.), as well as their managers and colleagues. This would increase the reactivity of each other, consolidate the sharing of information and knowledge, and finally strengthen cohesion and and belonging; the company will be a community where the employee is a whole and not a part!

What if there is a tool on market now?

The German editor SAP has already addressed this need through a unique approach based on its customers and partners feedbacks.

Their efforts are being translated into reality through  SAP JAM – a unique, secure, cloud-based platform that covers your entire enterprise, applications, and business processes, enabling you to break down silos within your company.

By putting social collaboration in the center of the organization, SAP JAM provides the ideal unified work experience for collaboration with your entire business ecosystem – customers, partners andcolleagues – and access to information in real time , no matter where you are.

As a social and collaborative platform, SAP JAM enables you to deliver a friendly, pleasant and complete experience across all your applications and business processes via:

  • Collaborative Recruitment : bringing together HR, managers, and other stakeholders in the recruitment process
  • Social integration : by quickly connecting new recruits with the persons and content that will be most useful to them.
  • Internal communication : through a secure space for the publication of internal information: memos, circulars, internal publications, news, …
  • Internal Social Network : through the creation and animation of internal communities where communication will be established, and information will be exchanged in a safe and controlled way.
  • Development & Training : Combining SAP JAM with the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Collaborative performance management: linking objectives to action plans at group and individual level

While being a ready-to-use collaborative portal, SAP JAM is also part of a larger “landscape”, it is the SAP SUCCESSFACTORS the world leader in Cloud HRIS (Cloud HCM). The SAP JAM solution is natively integrated with its various modules, covering all the company’s HR processes on a single platform.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to ask SIRYOS SAP certified experts for an SAP JAM demo! !

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