SAP Consulting & Integration

SAP Consulting & Integration

To integrate SAP solutions successfully, you need a trusted partner who will take full responsibility for your project, both in consulting and integration services.

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SAP Consulting

You can consult SIRYOS ' technical or functional consultants as technological or transactional experts for different IT project needs and consulting.

Our consultant’sfeedback experiences have allowed them to sharpen their business expertise and their knowledge within various sectors activities.

This expertise is shared with our customers to better guide their decisions on the business processes as well as their technological choices.

The consulting services provided by SIRYOS cover a large variety of product frameworks ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to more verticalized business solutions such as Human Resource Information System (HRIS) /Human Capital Management (HCM); while ensuring a distinctive expertise on Business Intelligence (BI) needs.


SAP Integration

Project Methodology

Our methodology for the implementation of SAP solutions is aligned with the SAP ACTIVATE standard while integrating the international standards of PMI project management for a better adaptation to empirical environments via the agile approach.

Our project method allows you to:

    • Ensure that project deliverables are implemented on time and within budget.
    • Guarantee the quality predefined
    • Anticipate project risks by putting them to better ensure their control.
    • Ensure better implication of the various project stakeholders.
    • Offer a flexible and scalable approach (agile approach)

Our approach is based on a working approach proven in the various projects we have run.

Business Know-how

Our business expert Consultants assist you throughout the implementation project, from the PREPARE Phase to the DEPLOY Phase. Our consultants are oriented towards customer needs, and towards solutions through innovation.

This business know-how is the result of project experience feedbacks own from various renowned companies, that SIRYOS has capitalized on through creating Core models to facilitate the implementation process with the optimization of the EXPLORE phase.

These Core models have proven their worth with several of our customers by securing the most critical phase in their integration projects, namely the design phase.

Due to the mix of business and transactional activities, SIRYOS, is positioned at the level of its ecosystem as an integrator with high added value and differentiated by providing its customers with a diversified business portfolio.

In this sense, the SIRYOS-BEV core model is the most proven core model, designedand registered by SIRYOS.

Technological expertise

SIRYOS provides experienced consultants for its customers with a product seniorityconfirmed by the editor (certification, qualification, ...) provided with a global view of the concepts of SAP products and its solutionsroadmaps.

Whether at the technical level (architects, development consultants, base consultants, ...) or at the functional level (functional consultants, test consultants, support consultants, ...), SIRYOS has a proven competency centers capable of challenging SAP solutions on the most specific customer needs.