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Facing the fast development of new digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data, organizations are increasingly undergoing real change and found themselves facing new issues and challenges of a 4.0 era. This digital transformation is deeply affecting the business operations’ methods, more particularly those of human resources management through what is named nowadays the HR 4.0 transition.


Everything has started with the Taylorian organization in 1915, while employees were reduced to an adjustment variable , administered as a simple “staff of the company”. It is only in 1975 that the organization began to abandon this mind set of productivity and cost control in favor of the valorization of resource development that made the administration and the management of human resources possible.

The 2000s witnessed the emergency of the talent centralized on the managementof persons. By becoming a real strategic component within their organization, employees are nowadays considered as an,enterprise asset, providing them with the agility they need in a complex and constantly changing environment. (Figure 1).

Figure 1 : Human management in organizations

The digital transformation is an integral part of these evolutions and the main catalyst in this movement. . It has forced companies to re-think their ways of doing things and re-invent their working ways; at the same time, it is also the solution to this disruption by providing necessary tools toautomate and streamline the organization’s processes.

The emergence of factory 4.0 required a complete upgrade of the organization’s value chain across all its businesses. Obviously, the HR function was the first to be impacted. (Figure 2).

Figure 2 : Technology Disruption Finger print 


Today, HR 4.0 challenges are based on a dilemma : the market and the Human.

Indeed, the weight of competitiveness in the market has led to the undeniable evolution of Business Models, which in turn have changed the position of several professions within the organization, including essentially the HR function.

On the other side, the company itself has seen the integration of a new generation of employees, known as Z Generation, who have specific needs, including balance and well-being at work, l’careers self-management and the need to evolve in an agile environment (Figure 3).

Figure 3 : The Market vs. Human Dilemma

In front of all these HR disruption, , the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) must develop himself as a strategic partner within his organization, a value builder and a fast decision-maker.

By being a visionary, he or she should be able not only to retain the company’s key skills but also to anticipate new professions , while positioning himself or herself as an innovation lever and a change catalyst (Figure 4).

Figure 4 : HR Management 4.0 Prerogatives 


In order to cope with this HR 4.0 transition, it is imperative for every company wishing to support the digital transformation of its human resources management to choose not an HR solution, but rather a digitized HR roadmap through a sustainable solution that guarantees technological innovation and business monitoring at the same time (Figure 5).

Figure 5 : Choosing SAP SuccessFactors to Support the 4.0 HR Transition

SIRYOS, a digital services company, has made its choice by being today a reseller and integrator of SAP SuccessFactors human resources management solution for the French-speaking African region. With a dual product-business expertise, SIRYOS stands out by a real competitive advantage in the digital HR business.

At the same time, SIRYOS has a rich product portfolio that also covers the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutios SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Business Intelligence software suite (Figure 6).

Figure 6 : SIRYOS, 1st SAP SuccessFactors partner in Tunisia

Do you want to revolutionize your HR Management system, SIRYOS offers you a packaged solution!

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