User Experience (UX) at the heart of SIRYOS’ concerns

User eXperience) is a term that was relased by Donald Norman in the 1990s

The term UX qualifies the global experience lived by a user while using an interface, a digital device, or in general interacting with any device or service.

This experience is based as often on usability (the ” facility of use ” of an interface) and on the emotional impact felt. These two aspects are essential and inseparable to qualify a user experience as « good UX».

Donald Norman - American cognitive psychologist

In a digital context in perpetual evolution, the user experience has a strong impact on the operating efficiency of a mobile application or a website, but it is also a retention and loyalty factors. In e-business context and cross-channel customer journeys, it is an essential component of the customer experience (CX)..

Away from marketing and digital commerce, the concept of user experience (UX) is also used for other types of ” human-machine” interfaces which play a key role in the development of software products used by employees in companies.

Role of UX in the Company

Very sensitive to the ergonomics of the tools or applications, employees often tend to become more and more demanding with higher expectations regarding ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or business solutions deployed in companies.

Consultant, management controller, sales teams, director… the tool will reach all employees, and everyone will use it in their own way. Imposing a new management solution without taking these differences into consideration impact slowing down the tool’s handling, or even risking a general movement of rejection. In order to facilitate the change management but also to benefit from a better efficiency , it is crucial to offer to each user profile an access adapted to role, using a personalized interface designed for his needs.

But what key role does UX play in the company’s success?
A good user experience lead to:
  • Improved productivity : Thanks to the responsive design, employees can access their workspaces regardless of the terminal and location.
  • Less mistakes : Ergonomics makes things easy to use with a well-designed user interface that makes work easier, reduces the risk of error and saves time.
  • Easier adoption:With a pleasant and user-friendly interface, employees find it easier to adopt this new solution and/or technology.
  • Reduced training costs : By eliminating all unnecessary functions and keeping the UX Design simple, the company can significantly reduce training costs.
Thus, investing in the user experience reduces errors, and required efforts for training and therefore guarantees better customer satisfaction..

UX Importance for SAP

In this perspective and facing up to strategic challenges for the company, the leading German software editor SAP is launching a real innovation in terms of user experience (UX), which has been called SAP Fiori.

User friendly solution's interface developed by the SAP Fiori technology
This way, the ERP solutions SAP S/4HANAand SAP Business By Design, the HRIS/HCM solution SAP Success Factors and the CRM/E-Commerce solution SAP C4C are based on fundamental design principles :
  • Pleasant: Makes an emotional connection.
  • Simple: Presents only what is needed.
  • Consistent: Provides a fluid and intuitive experience.
  • Based on roles : Designed for you, your needs, and your work.
  • Adaptive : Adapts to multiple use cases and devices.
Let us summarize it this way: UX is everywhere as the multi-users we are. This vision of an omnipresent User Experience explains the place that it holds nowadays and the fact that it is at the heart of the concerns of the solutions offer proposed by our company SIRYOS.

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