SAP Support & Maintenance


SAP Support & Maintenance

An SAP solution implementationproject does not stop at the deployment phase, in fact, it is at this stage that the SAP customer will need more support in order to ensure the post-deployment of the solution during which the operational support services would be provided ensuring thelongevity of the solution.

This phase is known as the RUN phase according to SAP's ACTIVATE project methodology To this end, SAP has set up a whole customer satisfaction process called « Customer Engagement » to which all its partners must subscribe.

As an SAP partner and reseller, SIRYOS is called to ensure the smooth running of the deployed solutions by providing its customers with specific support instances.

SAP Competency Center

Through its Competency Center, SIRYOS is engaged to provide you a TMA (Tierce Maintenance Applicative) covering all the functional modules of SAP solutions provided by dedicated consultants with a double business and transactional expertises.

    • Level 1 Support : Assistance delivered by a junior consultant (Master data management, user support...).
    • Level 2 Support : Corrective assistance delivered by senior consultants (re-configuration).
    • Level 3 Support :Evolutionary support, which requires specific developments.

The maintenance of SAP solutions is based on the support tool SAP Solution Manager and will be delivered by our certified expert consultants, who have the mission to ensure its optimal management :

    • Level 1 Maintenance : Monitoring the Infrastructure, management of notes.
    • Level 2 Maintenance :Corrective maintenance that must be resolved within 1 day from reporting the incident.
    • Level 3 Maintenance : SAP handles incidents with this level of criticality.

Incident management is based on SLA processes that are perfectly aligned with the SAP standards.

    SAP Customer Engagement Team

    Committed to customer satisfaction, SIRYOS provides an account management unit for a complete handling of their needs. This unit is mandated to:

      • Follow up and ensure the treatment of all customer requests
      • Support in the expression of new customer needs 
      • Periodically assess customer satisfaction (surveys).