Optimize your financial statements

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) is a complete tool for planning, budgeting, forecastingand financial consolidation (legal and managerial). It allows your company to achieve this objectives by taking full advantage of your limited resources.
It offers integrated functionalitIies for:


    • Strategic planning:

      It helps the management team to express its vision, mission, its fundamental values and its objectives. The team develops strategic plans to maintain its competitive advantage in the marketplace. This will help them to answer the next questions.
    • Budgeting:

      This is not just a simple future results forecast. It is also an action plan and planned operations of the organization for the coming year. Budgeting is made for proactive management and to measure business performance.
    • Reporting :

      It ensures that performance is continuously followed up, problems anticipated, and continuous improvement efforts are promoted.
    • Forecasting :

      It is the act of predicting results. It determines the impact of the internal and external environment on the plans and budgets put in place at the beginning of the year. The main objective is to provide more accurate information to reduce risk management planning and decision making.
SoKey Consulting (SKC), a subsidiary partner of SIRYOS, brings you fast, secure and quality solutions according to your needs. This consulting agency specialized in the integration of the SAP BPC solution helps your top management to formulate its vision, mission, core values and objectives. It develops strategic plans to maintain your competitive advantage in the market via SAP BPC through:
    • Automation of the entire planning process
    • Creation of dashboards integrated to MS OFFICE (Excel, Word, PowerPoint…)
    • Development of a user guide so that users can create and set up their own planning and/or simulation process
    • Definition and analysis of needs in direct collaboration with users
    • Development of processes to accelerate the closing of consolidated accounts, forecasting, financial reporting, and financial planning
You want to maximize your profitability and reduce your costs by carrying out with precision your budget forecasting, implementation, maintenance, or evolutions on SAP BPC, SKC can assist you by:
    • The automation of budgeting operations with SAP BPC
    • The simplification of risk management and reporting
    • The improvement and accuracy of your estimations.
    • The reduction of closing times
    • The realization of the tests and the optimization of the parameter settings

Automatisation et remontée d'information

Référentiel unique

Consolidation Statutaire

Consolidation Gudgétaire

Forecast / Plan

Automatisation et remontée d’information

  • Analyse et suivi de la performance
  • Mise en place de Benchmark
  • Tableau interactif du suivi workflow
  • Développement d’un processus de remontée
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Scheduling and consolidating on a single unique application to reduce maintenance, improve data integrity, and simplify deployment.


Business users manage processes, templates and reports without the need for IT support.


Extending the value of your investment in SAP and non-SAP environments.